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VG CoLAB Mentoring Program 2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

On the 21st of September, VG CoLAB Mentoring Program took place in the recently renovated facilities: PORTIC - Porto Research, Technology & Innovation Center.

A productive meeting was conducted by VGCoLAB HRs: MSc Ana Miguel Cunha, MSc Jorge Pinto and Dr. Rita Bacelar Figueira.

The meeting counted with the relevant participation of members of VG CoLAB social bodies: Prof. Adélio Mendes, Prof. Adriano Carvalho, Eng. Nuno Costa and Dr. Pedro Salomé.

We thank all the involved VG CoLAB HRs for their outstanding performance and Ana Gonçalves for her essential support.

Let's keep innovating for a better world 🔋

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