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Energy Storage was a hot topic in RRP event

Today, at the RRP (Recovery and Resilience Plan) annual event, organised by Recuperar Portugal, a mid-term review of this funding was carried out, highlighting the successful fulfilment of targets and the challenge of its budget execution.

Energy storage and the need for batteries was one of the hot topics discussed several times, notably by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy and the Environmental Fund. Energy storage is key to maximising the use of energy from renewable sources and is presented as the key to the short-term future of the electric grid considering the energy decentralisation and the growing electrification of the economy.

Vasco da Gama CoLAB is an innovation centre dedicated to energy storage, working on alternative battery chemistries, innovative battery module approaches, and novel power electronics for energy conversion. As beneficiaries of RRP, in "Agendas Mobilizadores" and "Missão Interface" (ANI | Agência Nacional de Inovação ), we are working in collaboration with other players in the Portuguese economy to create cutting-edge technology and increase national competitiveness.


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