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Assembly and grid interface of 50 kW/50 kWh VRFB in Madeira Island (i-STENTORE project)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

As part of the i-STENTORE consortium, Vasco da Gama CoLAB - Energy Storage is responsible for the assembly and grid integration of a 50 kW/50 kWh vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) in Demo 2, being held on Madeira island.

The VRFB installation on the island's BESS will further improve the flexibility and resilience of Madeira's electrical grid by allowing an increase in the share of renewable generation.

Furthermore, the activities developed under Demo 2, concerning the VRFB assembly, will be a proof of concept regarding the developed solutions by Vasco da Gama CoLAB to mitigate some of the problems that compromise the longevity and efficiency of VRFB technology.


Funchal, June 22 2023 – Five real-life demos and one Living Lab are being created across six countries to change the paradigm of energy storage and support energy transition.

Welcome to Madeira Island, Portugal, a territory with 801 km2 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the perfect scenario for i-STENTORE to develop the Demo 2 – Pump hydro Storage system combined with BESSs.

Socorridos Central Hydroelectric Power Plant was born in 1994 and is known for its ability to bring more water to irrigation and public supply, in an Island that needs to find its own mechanisms to bypass the daily challenges by nature and geography. The great particularity of this installation is the usage of a system provided by nature, composed of tunnels, channels and captures.

The Madeira Island small-scale and isolated power electric system (not interconnected), intends to increase the sustainability of the generation system of the island and to contribute to its decarbonization, namely by increasing the share of renewable generation.

This Demonstration will also investigate, plan, develop and install a VRF (Vanadium Redox Flow) BESS of 50 kWh/50 kW to test and evaluate the best way to further increase the flexibility and resilience of this system, even with a predictable major increase of renewable energy sources.

The i-STENTORE Demo 2 is included in a universe of five Demos and one Living Lab that will be developed and monitored during the Project to the largest possible extent a versatile mix of energy storage technologies, covering energy intensive applications in different sectors including industry, agriculture, commercial applications, and mobility.


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