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IPCEI EuBatIn Battery Convention

We were very pleased to take part in the Battery Convention in Bologna, co-organised by the two IPCEIs dedicated to batteries, IPCEI on Batteries and IPCEI EuBatIn, where we presented Vasco da Gama CoLAB's cutting-edge energy storage solutions. Led by our CEO Luís Miguel Costa and with the presence of our Business Developer João Paulo Sousa, we highlighted our collaborative approach, bridging the gap between academia and industry to drive innovation.

Coordinated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, EuBatIn represents a significant opportunity for collective progress. With over 40 companies and 12 Member States onboard. Following the onboarding of Portugal as an Associated Partner of EuBatIn, we at Vasco da Gama CoLAB are eager to collaborate within this dynamic ecosystem and committed to contributing to the joint EU effort to overcome boundaries across the battery value chain.

By collaborating with Vasco da Gama CoLAB, partners can take advantage of our expertise in battery cells/modules, and systems. Together, we can accelerate innovation, leading Europe towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We thank all the efforts of the Directorate-General for Economic Activities (DGAE) and more particularly Catarina Mendes Leal.

Let's collaborate and innovate together! 🔋🚀


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